dolce far niente!

Dear massey’s readers,


anyone who understands what im writing surely a big fan of EAT PRAY LOVE.


you will think that im rich enuf to buy a Dolce & Gabbana~ haha

today i watched the movie again and again repeating the life julia roberts had in Italy….loving that lifestyle…!

actually i was reminded by that phrase from a close friend of mine who just called me this morning…she was on her way of buying her very own DOLCE & GABBANA~

then i had a sudden de javu~~

where did i remember a phrase about dolce…n somthin sumthin….


yes! dolce far niente!


why cant we all have the “dolce far niente”??

hmm….for those of you who havent google translate yet the term ” dolce far niente” it means:

“the sweetness of doing nothing”

hopefully one day i’ll find my “dolce far niente”~

screw you! - in ITALIAN~~ haha hearts the talians!


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  1. aisya

     /  November 25, 2010

    i love EAT PRAY LOVE TOO!! 😀


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