eh! 20 yg anggun partaaayyy~~

Dear Massey’s readers,

YES! i was there! at Zouk Club KL…28th November 2010.

let me tell u from A-Z..

A- our clan “CHANTIQUES” decided to meet up at this party just to hang out and chill….btw we love parties!!

B- started to que at 5.30pm! hahaha….we thought we were gonna get RM200 worth of goodies…but then it was only a few sample products!…huh! damn u BluInc~

C- party started as what i could say “mellow” and the music was a disasater (since they were playing only the 70’s and 80’s music)

D- meet a couple of hot celebs…but some are just plain stingy…would it hurt for u to mingle around with ur fans at a party??

Z- around 10pm…then the music was startin to get REAL!! haha thanks to DJ NAS-T!! thumbs up u!!

well…i guess thats basiclly it…we went home at 11.30pm…it was pouring with rain…..but it was worth it~

btw the next day was a working day…but as i said….it was worth it!! see the pics laaa~!~

lets do it again chantiques!


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