a day as a sheep!

Dear Massey’s readers,

today i become a sheep….literally~ hahahaha……


u’ll understand the title of this post as you read further…

actually…as promised on my previous entry, i have visited “RABBIT FUNLAND”……

here’s the summary:

per entry is RM5 = including 2 plastic of rabbit food..


RM50 for 5 people including bags of food for all the animals in the funland…


we went for the RM5 per entry and also a bag of food for all the animals which cost RM10…..(got carrot,apples and rabbit food also)

it was fun! ….if u have lil kids lorh……but me n hubby also acted as if we were kids! haha

too tired to type everything out~~

see the pics below!


then………the aunty at the payment counter ask: “u guys shuld visit the broga hills also!” we said what the heck…lets TRY!

with sandals…2 can of 100plus and a sandwhich box…we took the challenge! haha

which was actually a pretty STUPID move! haha

feet hurts..

out of water…

please don’t remind me of the pain n sunburns~~



but the view was AWESOME!

here’s some pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

will talk about it more later!

toooo tired to type…..




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