foodie lover~

Dear massey’s reader,

we love food. (me + hubby)

seriously….anything dat i can cook i WILL cook.

some housewives complaint that everytime they have to go home then they have to cook for husband and kids.

i absolutely LOVE doing it.



its like everytime i go home.i would look into my fridge first before i would look into my closet for clothes. haha

its a therapy for people like me….cooking makes it all better.

i just wish i have an oven…then i can bake also!

imagine roasted chicken or roasted meat…yummmyy!!

the cooking is sooo much fun when i have hubby around.he becomes my assistant apprentice(sorry hubby! love u)

i’ll do the cookin…he’ll do the cleaning~~ (and also the preparation….onions garlics potatoes)

when the food is ready…he’ll become my only judge….(just like the masterchef on ASTRO)


i absolutely LOVE cooking!!

for those who do not have the passion for cooking…i hope you’ll get it someday….

because it is the easiet and cheapest therapy u can get!


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