OMG longest saturday eva!!

Dear massey’s readers,

This saturday 11.12.2010 is the LOOOOOOOOONNGGEESSTTT saturday ever!

seriously…we have never experience a longer saturday than that day.

wanna know why?

ok here’s why…

9.30 am – woke up …..and hubby made breakfast ! eggs and sosej! (THANK U HUBBY ;D)

10.00 am – did some house cleaning~ (iye ke?? hmmm…hahaha)

11.30 am –  already in car on our way to KLCC!!

12.10 pm – arrive at KLCC and had a TOTAL AWESOME MAKEOVER!! thank u LANCOME!

12.45 pm – arrived at D’saji jln semarak for ZULI+NORA wedding….u guys look GORJESSSS!!! NORA absolutely beautiful~~

4.00 pm – arrive at midvalley

6.30 pm – went to the gardens!! (bought some “stuff” from la senza express…hehe)

8.00 pm –  watch narnia at signature gardens! with farid + pali + hubby….awesome!

10.00 pm – finished movie…went to subang badminton court…

1. 00 am – hubby finish playin badminton!

1.30 am – at “canai and such” for supper with penthouse~

3.00 am – arrived safely back home at kajang~~ (zzzZZZzzZZZZzzZZZZzz)


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