bday pressie for hubby.

Dear Massey’s reader,

for dearest hubby’s bday i’ve always cooked sumthin special….like in 2009…i cooked the special “nasi ayam” for his 23rd bday….

so dis year i was thinkin of just eatin out for “ikan bakar” since we will be in melaka during his bday…..


i also planned to have this special cake:

YUMMMMMMYYYY!!! drooooolinnn now~~

which will cost around RM65 from (thank u for the quote suhana)

but hubby said : “takyah laa…hny buatkan telur bungkus je…”

hahahahaha….being the ever so simple husband he is….

i was thinkin of doin sumthin2 like dis:

kek telur bungkus untuk hubby's 24th bday~

cm best kan?
dinner+dessert…2 in 1 meal…hows that for your bday eh hubby??
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  1. ZATUL

     /  December 21, 2010

    alalalaa..comelnyer permintaan die


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