kutu kutu kutu.demn u!

Dear Massey’s readers,

just a short post today…..

because i cant stand typing while “geli-ing”…..



where to start?

i cook EVERYDAY!

i swear! ask hubby! (**rite hubby??)

but still this horrible little creature is spawning like hell in my rice pot everyday….

iat first there were only a few….

as time goes on…..it started the colony like hell!!!

what to do??

what to DOOOO??

the 1st thing i did was……..

make a yucccccckkkkkyyyy face like i have ants all over me~~ (hahahaha)


2nd thing i did was google:

“hilangkan kutu dalam beras”


thanks to a few bloggers i got some tips:

1. put garlics inside the rice pot…..with the skin on.

2. put dry chillies.

3. put lime leaves.



a.garlic is way to precious to be wasted like that.

b. i dont use dry chillies….i just buy the readymade ones….(last longer in the fridge)

so i opted for the easier one:

i’ve started to add lime leaves in pot.



and i also add sheets of cloth around the pot…..one blogger said that the fleas love the cloth……

yeahhh! hope u dieee lil evil ones!!!



BE GONE!! hahahahahaha (**evil laughter)


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