Dear Massey’s Readers,

I hope u r 18 yrs old and above…

or an open minded person….

coz  today i’m gonna blog about “vaginal infection“..

this topic s not commonly blog about by Malaysian women…


its not that it is so disgusting….its just that Malaysian women are too shy to talk about it….

well….let me blog about that for all u women out there can be precocious about this matter…

the story goes like this…

i’ve been quite quiet these past few days….why?

coz i was havin pain on my lower abdomen….(you-know-where)…ahaha

i thought it was just the normal PMS syndrom….(sengugut??)….but turns out it became more itchy as times past by…

i googled my pain up….and most of it came out as vaginal infection…

nope….not coz of the intercourse between men hubby okay…(coz i asked my gyne dr. already)

let me tell you what i googled up:

Most vaginal infections are caused by an imbalance in the bacteria present in your vagina. Normally, your vagina will maintain a healthy balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. If, for some reason, bad bacteria begin to outnumber the good bacteria, you will probably get some form of vaginal infection. Some vaginal infections aren’t caused by bacteria but by a fungus, which grows inside your vagina.

Imbalance in bacteria can be caused by direct exposure to bad bacteria or hormonal changes. STDs, pregnancy,menopause, illness, and stress are all common causes of vaginal infections. Certain soaps, clothing, and improper diet can also cause infection.

from :

i sum up the reasons to be:

1. my tight clothes

2. the improper food i’ve been eatin lately

3. hormonal changes due to the vits and pills

4. stress!!

5. pregnancy?? dont think so….haha (coz so far no other symptoms)

as days goes by… got more n more itchy….

then…when i couldn’t hold it any longer…

i took 2 days annual leave….and went to consult a gynecologist …..

apparently….this is what i did at the gyne:

1. pap smear (which didn’t hurt that much) n i wanted do it a long time ago…+ most women should do it at least once a year…

2. ultrasound….which hurts like HELL!! they put the scanner camera thinggy inside my lower abdomen….then the dr. started to press my uterus area to scan the area…

it was really weirddd+scaryyy…haha….seeing your own ovary…hahahahaha

plus it is even more weirdd when your gyne keep saying : ” that’s your uterus…ouh n its quite beautiful and excellent condition”…”and thats your right ovary …ouh n its also beautiful and excellent condition”…..

scarrryyy okayy….

like something is wrong with the dr. mind…



the reason i did the ultrasound is to see if there is any un-wanted lump growin inside my vagina…this is important so that you know there is no sign of lumps inside….

the last thing was the medicine they gave…

the nurse said : “this medicine you have to insert from the vagina”…

okayyyy thanks nurse…

demnnnn……i can tell you 1 thing…the meds is soo painfull that it hurts more than the itchy-ness…haha

but it was worth it… coz it’s all gettin better now…

no more pain….no more itchy…..just need to continue my meds….


here’s a pic of my uterus….if u can understand the photographic view f the uterus…coz i cant understand it~~lol!

the top pic is my left and right ovary...the bottom one is my uterus~


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