spiderman spiderman!

Dear Massey’s readers,

I was gonna blog about this last nite..

But my hand was so tired from the climbing and stretching that I couldn’t even press my keyboard..


Rock climbing ROCKS!

To tell you the truth I’m (a bit) afraid of heights…till now I cant even look down from my 9th floor apartment…haha….but somehow….i did it! I climbed all the way to the top of the wall! (NO KIDDING!)

3 storeys! (I think….)

The idea of rock climbing came to me when I was accidently browse thru this blog:


I was like: “this look FUN! I can do this!” plus it was very near to my house…

Haha…..so one Sunday morning…I woke up early and forced mr.hubby to accompany me!

It turn out…I was the one to give up 1st…..mr.hubby was great so-so larr on the wall~(haha…)

When we got there…there was like around 12 cars … not so-many….

The entrance fee for students: RM3 for normal people: RM6…

This you HAVE to pay if you want to try…

For the climbing shoes…its RM7 for 3 hours…

If you just want to try on the wall with mattress…then….no need for harness or ropes…

But if you want to try the REAL DEAL wall…then you’ll need those things….

Harness is: RM5 each

Ropes: RM….cant remember…(sorry guys…coz mr.hubby paid for it…so I couldn’t remember)

Since this was our 1st time rock climbing…we also asked for a trainer…which cost us RM20 per hour…

Basically an hour is more than enuf to learn the whole rock climbing stuff…

But the technique will take you years….

The trainer was GREAT! Thanx mr. I-dunnoe-what-your-name-is…(HAHA)

BUT…Remember kiddos to stretch out first!

Don’t simply think that it’s an easy sport..!

Im learning my mistakes now (the day after) coz of all the stretched muscles~~

Now after accomplish climbing 2 walls (although I cheated a lot) haha…

I think my fear of heights is slowly decreasing…

It’s a great sport!

It builds your hand and feet muscle like in a blink!! (if you are a regular climber)


I would definitely do it again!!

Anyone wants to join me next time?? 😀


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