Dear Massey’s Readers,

38 days to go!!

i’m officially counting down to our HONEYMOON!!

YESSSS people!









SOUTH Korea laa weyh…u r out of your mind if u r going to NORTH korea~~

we booked the ticks 2 months after our wedding~~ which was kindda late actually….

but whattodo….when we got married….. we were left with no savings…

so no more cash for honeymoon…BUT honeymoon-ing at OUR own home was GREAT as well!

considering some couples who didnt get to enjoy their newly married life cause had to live with families, living with in laws, living apart (wait we’re like that..haha), cant afford own house, bla bla bla…..

we got the privilege of having our own(rented) house and living and eating and decorating it TOGETHER~~ **warm feeling**😀

so now…almost 8 months after…..we are goin for our 1st (???) honeymoon!~~

…..still broke though!! but we’ll make it there!!


cant wait to see 1st and foremost INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!! the architecture of the airport itself it absolutely to-die-for!!


aneyyyy-annn-saiioooo!!! ;D



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