korean fusion

Dear Massey’s Readers,


ade org tanye i “baaaanyaakkkk nye duit u pegi melancong ke korea~”


PALEEEE HOTAAAKK HANGGG!!….hahahahahaha (sorry for the inappropriate rudeness)

actually our travel to korea didnt cost as much as u think….

ticks: RM1680 for 2 ppl 2 way trip (booked 8 months ago)

accomodation: RM420 for 5 days 4 nights for 2 ppl (homestay style)

food: RM50 coz we brought food from maaysia e.g sambal ikan blis,rendang tin, ketupat etc

travel: RM200 for 2 ppl…subways, bus and trains. the cheapest mode of travelling.

attractions: RM50….coz we mostly visited the FREE places.haha

the rest of our money is for shoppin. and thats it.

see. we dunt spend much.

so its basically a budget holiday to korea. i personally loved travelling by ourselves.

no tourist guide. so much better.

plus KOREA is definitely easy to travel.BUSES was on time.SUBWAYS was comfortable.TRAINS was cheap.

when we et lost somewhere.we would be like”what the h*** .this is the wrong station….hmm LETS TAKE A PICTURE!”

….and after the fun photography session we hop on the next subway/bus/train…..

it was FUN!!

getting lost together.taking pictures together. quarreling about the routes together. making fun of korean ppl together. and the best part of it is when it gets cold and our nose was so runny we would make fun of each other!! hahaahha

anyways….i have already started piling up my 5days diary of the trip. will blog about it later…

aite here’s some highlight pics!~



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  1. kinda like the way u handle the trip cik der…wayyyy tooo cheap!!

    • thanks cik yam~~ tp kalau btol2 nak tgk all attractions kt korea better ader tourist guide….ktorg just follow internet je….hahaha


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