are u stress? or angry?

Dear Massey’s readers,

an honest question for honest people only:


you’ll never get the d difference rite?

….coz when people are stress it will consequently lead to anger….

anger lead to pain….pain leads back to stress…..


it will be a never ending cycle….

i for one is a very hot-tempered, emotional, and easily stress person.

(there you go…3 characteristic of my personality which i wish i didnt have)

i easily get angry when ppl move my stuff….(sorry hubby…)

i easily get stress when too much work…

and i easily get emotional when people shout at me….

but nowadays…i learn to control these emotions…..

learn to…okay….still trying to control them….

sometimes i still explode~~ hahaha

anyways….for those who are stresss……

do download “ANGRY BIRD”… DOES work!

hahaha….and if anyone finds these cute angry bird pillows….do tell me!


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