from tomorrow on i’ll be a : Teacher (only part-time ) . YES kids.

i’m gonna be teaching.yeah.yeah….(terigt video english class adibah noor ngan afdlin shauki…hahahaha)

hahaha….dun’t be ridiculous….i can’t do that.

i’ll be teaching: ENGLISH

for PMR students…

since it’s the school hols…therefore most of the tuition centres are booming up with parents sending off their kids to tuition centres….

so…got a request from  cikgu siti who owns one of the tuition centre around here to take-over some PMR english classes….

well….why not eyh. not doin much…could earn some extra cash….plus i’ll get to practice on how to teach…(later in the future i might become a lecturer…who knows rite??)

so here goes….

wish me LUCK! 

PS: i got some extra of my famous chewy cookies…might bring them tomorrow for those who earn high marks in the exercises…



i love english!

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