sifu singer.

i was so excited to sew something….<—will tell in later posts… 🙂

i managed to somehow transport my aunt’s sewing machine from Melaka – Tronoh…..

THAT was how excited i get with new projects.

anyways…once it was safe and sound at my house….i found out that it wasn’t working properly…..

i couldn’t even manage tr0 get the bobbin inserted properly (fyi…it was not bcoz of my lack of skills ok…..)

so….as usual i googled for the manuals and also the nearest singer machine service shop….

turn out that the nearest is in Batu Gajah only… (soo near maa)

so made a few calls….and there i was….at singer service shop…

and guess what?



i met the most talented serviceman u can get.

a late 40 chinese uncle…who knew all the selok belok of any.YES. i mean any singer sewing machine….

if u had the old bulky black machine…or the modern 26 stiches ones….he knew it all

me and hubby called him SIFU.


coz he was a master of the sewing machines..


anyways….when the machine was all done and the damages been fixed (1 week after)

we came to pick it up…..but instead i got a free lesson on sewing!! he tought me and hubby (yes guys….my hubby can sew now) all the basic functions from how to thread the bobbin to some complicated stuff like how to do a button hole…




stayed there for an hour…and he didn’t even charge a penny for the sewing lesson…

before leaving i actually said “uncle jangan pergi mana2 tau…jgn tukar kedai tau…nnt saya mau belajar jahit lagi”….

he was the most patient sifu. coz i was the most dopey and slow student he could have. haha

thanks uncle.

jasamu dikenang!


me with the machine.


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