Year of FUN-TASTIC events!

Dear Masseymissey readers,

a new year makes u think about the past things that u did in the previous year…

if u can list it down….most probably it won’t fit in a single post…

therefore…i would like to highlight the major events that took place in my life throughout 2011…

January 2011 – worked on 1st jan 2011…(boring as hell…) and made a big decision with mr.hubby to move to Perak.
February 2011 – Paid RM2300 to PTPTN….hahaha (got blacklisted also…)
March 2011 – went to SEOUL KOREA! for the 1st time travelling overseas as mr&mrs…. the most enjoyable moment in our life!
April 2011 – found a house in Tronoh Perak! and april was the month i gain 5kg!! 
May 2011 -BAD NEWS:  just found out i got right ovarian cyst. will blog more about it later~ 😦
GOOD NEWS: hubby finally got his approval for the research funding! yeayy! the month i submitted my resignation!
June 2011 – our first anniversary! i got 4 lilies !! it was so beautiful and smell like heaven!
July 2011 – my mental breakdown many things to get done before i leave the office for good. 24th july we officially moved to tronoh, perak!
August 2011- 2nd Ramadhan with hubby but 1st ramadhan together in perak!
September 2011 – fell in love with baking and cooking~
October 2011 – 2nd trip to Seoul Korea!! double joy!
November 2011 – this month is a blurr….can’t remember…. (oh what did i do?..)
December 2011 – unofficially started my masters in the specialism of built environment!

so there there…the highlights of 2011.

what shall 2012 have in store for us?

we shall wait and see!! 😉

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