a sewing project and a plastic surgery?

Dear Masseymissey’s readers,

the tittle is just misleading.


actually i wanted to introduce to all my newly-made blouse….

uol should know that im so into sewing now…haha (baking is still ongoing also)…

but the best thing about sewing is that i get to save on shopping! plus an additional new skill~~ 🙂


just thought i share with uols the things i sew last nite~

i just love the electric blue color! FANTABULOUS rite?!

what i used:

2 meters of electric blue cotton cloth (RM5/meter @nagoya ipoh)

1 roll of thread

a bundle of hardwork.

TOTAl COST: RM14 and one sleepless nite. 🙂

so here it is:

**ps: sorry for the kim kardashian head cutout! but totally awesome editing rite?

owh and btw…DO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW! thanks ya!~ 🙂

love me...?

or hate me....?

XOXO -massey kardashian-  (hahaha)

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