mandi bunga – a placebo effect?

Dear Masseymissey’s Readers,


ok….so let’s talk about “mandi bunga” or floral bath…..(direct translation…..)

i bought a packet of flower petals from cameron highlands last week…..and i thought…why not have a mandi bunga?….not for any particular reason….just because its refreshing and the colors of the roses petals can sooth the eyes….

at cameron~

recently…we saw a famous bride : Lisa Surihani….going thru the adat “mandi bunga” just before her wedding day….

what is it really for?

and is it appropriate in Islam?

hmmm anyone?


so here’s an article taken from :

The mandi bunga is performed to dispel bad luck (bad vibes) – “buang sui” or “buang sial”. The rationale is that once a person is void of bad luck, he’s able to attract good fortune. 

There is, however, no scientific evidence as to how effective these baths are in achieving the desired result or if they do really work. What we know is, that these baths have been practiced for generations and could be nothing more than a case of mind over matter – a placebo. Whatever it is, there is no harm trying – at least it is refreshing. 

Despite what is said about Asian rituals, such as, it not being congruent with western science – there is no way to explain the Asian concept “heaty” and “cooling” with reference to western science, but the practice has been proven to effectively cure minor ailments like flu, coughs, colds, fevers etc, nevertheless. Similarly, whilst the effectiveness of mandi bunga cannot be proved with reference to western science, it may nevertheless work. 

some say that the petals can actually give out color energy vibration to the body…thus making our body feel more refresh and cool…..but is there an actual energy? it is yet to  be proven……


here’s the ingredients for mandi bunga (my style…..) :

a dozen of colorful roses (not petals)

a cup of  bunga melur

a cup of bunga kenanga

2 kaffir lime

a few of  bunga kesidang (not the whole stem…coz the stem will give out that rubbery liquid)

a few of pomelo leaves

2 stem of daun pandan


1. pull the petals from the roses and immediately pour some hot water….

2. after 15mins …add the other flowers…and add the same amount of cold water to the hot water….

3. leave it for another 30mins….then add the pomelo leaves and daun pandan (tied in a knot)…

4. squeeze the juice of the kaffir lime…and add it to the water mixture…

….and tadaaaa…..have a refreshing bath!

selamat mencuba!

PS: this is my style of the floral bath…..maybe correct maybe not…..and it is done just because it is refreshing…not for any particular reason……


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